I’ve been running my own internet campaign the last week on threadless with my first ever tee design submission. There’s less than a day of voting left so I calling on you all for some help (you do have to register but it’s free and painless). As of this morning I’ve had 1,022 votes (good or bad I don’t know). It’s a simple variation on traditional band tee shirts that seems to have struck a chord with a few people.


And here’s the rationale: Yesterday you loved Radiohead. But today you hate them. And now your in love with some obscure Swedish electronic act that nobody’s heard of which makes you the coolest. And tomorrow you might switch allegiance to a band with a distinct folk ouevre. Then this is the tee for you. This favourite band tee will outlast any fleeting loyalty to any band you happen to like this week, or even just for the next half hour. Ideal for those who like to have their finger on the pulse at all times.