A Better Tomorrow showcases a diverse selection of work from members of QBN, representing all styles of outstanding visual media, including graphic design, illustration, and photography. The book is envisioned to paint a picture of the unique community that QBN is – a community that in spite of vast differences among its members (geographical, biographical, philosophical, and disciplinary) plays an important part, both professionally and personally, in the lives of the community members.

The book features the work of established designers such as, Andrew Townsend (Un.Titled), Michael C. Place (Build), Darren Firth (keepsmesane, wearitwithpride), Chuck Anderson (nopattern), Hellohikimori and many other up-and-coming designers.

The main aim of the project is to inspire donations [$50 per book] to the Patrick O’Brien Foundation and to strengthen the QBN community in ‘coming together’ for this cause. Patrick was one of the original editors, contributers and members whom was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2005 at the age of 30.

For the past couple of months the instigators have received, artworked and laid out all submissions and have been working with a well known publisher. But as of recently this partnership has ended, so they are looking for a new publisher that would be interested in this project. Please feel free to email // <![CDATA[// publishing@abettertomorrowbook.com if you have interest in helping this project come to fruition.