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Michael’s shots of old time Americana are stunning. They’re also all models… check out his flickr here.


Shades of fight club I think but nicely done. Complete set here.

An interesting way to minimise your Flickr photostream. Simply add your Flickr username to and you get a minimalist version of your photostream. It works for sets and collections too.


I’ve recently purchased Brushes for my ipod touch. A neat little sketching app that means even without a moleskin and a pen I can sketch. I was inspired to do so by seeing these amazing pics on Flickr by Amanda Kavanagh


and Stephane Kardos.


My own pathetic attempts so far are here.

Has redesigned some classic movie posters to great effect. See them all on his flickr.


France Belleville, aka wagonized, never stops drawing. Though my particular favourites have to be her interpretations of cars.


Love this guy. And some of his posters adorn my home’s walls such is my fanboy status. Love his Flickrstream convrsation. And, after some initial reticence, I love the way his site works.