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Luke Geissbuhler’s amazing short video of his family’s home made space craft.


Lovely. Only wish there was an English language version.

Via Swiss-miss.

Interesting add-on for Firefox that gives you a Chinese IP address allowing you to experience the limited joys of the world wide web as the Chinese do. Demo video here.


Well, Paris was magnificent and even more memorable than my previous two Tom Waits live experiences (Paris 2000, London 2004). And while the tour is still ongoing those nice people at NPR have made the complete Atlanta show of the current tour available as a live stream and podcast (click on the download mp3/4 button). Apparently the podcast link shows an error sometimes but I kept trying and eventually downloaded it. Enjoy!

The design posts will be back soon…

A non-related design post this week as I’m heading off to Paris to catch Tom Waits at the Grand Rex. This will be my third (and probably last time) I witness his majestic live spectacle. But while I’m there anybody got any good suggestions for things to do or see for a day in the French capital?


Really nice folio from Trevor Jackson. He does know what he’s doing btw…


Via serif.